History & Description

The name “Silverstreams” is derived from the many water streams that run throughout the farm. Dating back to the late 1800’s, the original owners and the description of the property are documented in the first original title deeds grant registered on the 1st January 1910.

Silverstreams, farm no. 12095, is situated in the Southern Drakensberg mountain range in the Kwa-Zulu Natal province. In it's full extent the farmland measures 1,020 Acres / 27 Perches.

On the western boundary of the farm, lies the division between South Africa and Lesotho. The two countries are linked by the Bushman’s Nek border post. The Southern, Northern and part of the Eastern boundaries are state land and are presently managed by the KwaZulu Natal Conservation services.

The 5-day National hiking trail, 'The Giants Cup', which starts at Sani Pass ends at the SILVERSTREAMS resort.

Silverstreams is situated approximately 36km from the nearest town, Underberg. Underberg can be reached on the D2 district road to Bushman’s Nek border post and police station.

Silverstreams now falls within borders of the uKhahlamba Park “world heritage site”, which were established in 2002. SILVERSTREAMS is one of the very few privately owned properties zoned for development of tourism accommodation inside the park.

Silverstreams Ducks

Business & Other Activities

The main activities of the farm and those of the original owners and the then company was since it’s inception involved in speculation with cattle and trading at the Silverstreams trading store in wool and general goods (Even up to present date)

Extractions from the original TITLE DEEDS clearly allowed for TRAVELLERS to outspan or camp for as long as deemed necessary (January 1910)

We can accept that since the late 1800’s that the farm was used for commercial and accommodation purposes and was again confirmed in the Zoning from Town and Regional planning in February 1992

Silverstreams Trading Store

Improvements and Developments (In chronological order)

The original recorded owners was Frederick Franch Vetter who we believe build the homestead in the late 1800’s. The house was build comprising of the following:

  • 3 Large Bedrooms
  • Guest room
  • Lounge
  • Dining room
  • Kitchen (Internal)
  • Outside Kitchen
  • Teachers Cottage
  • Classroom
  • Bathroom
  • 2 Water Closets
  • Double story Meat and Milk room
  • Large verandah

The trading store was build shortly after the homestead The sandstone, which was used for all the external walls, was quarried on the Eastern part of the farm and brought down by oxen drawn sledges. Experienced masons must have chiseled the stone and built the homestead and trading store. Various other stone building structures were built on the farm such as the following

  • Cattle and sheep dipping tanks (Dressed stone)
  • Large wool and cattle sheds
  • Out buildings
  • Various kraals

Gravity water channels for irrigation were developed for agricultural lands and the furrows of almost a kilometer in length were developed to source the homestead's water from a spring in the mountains.

The first major development since early 1900 was the establishment of the Caravan park of which building and development started in 1985 and final approval for the park and development stands were obtained in October 1985.. Operations started in 1987 and the Park has continuously been upgraded since.

Development of the SILVERSTREAMS COUNTRY ESTATE Cottages only started in 2002 and the first occupiers moved into their unit in March 2003