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THE “SPARE WHEEL” Issue No. 113 July/Aug 2021

Category: Club News | Author: Freewheelers - Durban Area |  Date posted:  | Impressions: 142970   2819

Larry - Durban: 083 284 1080

What a past few weeks we’ve had. I doubt if anybody could have imagined the unbelievable devastation, destruction and violence we here in Natal and Gauteng have experienced. However, one positive aspect that has stood out clearly is the fantastic way all the residential communities, irrespective of colour, have banded together to protect all their properties. Just to compliment that, how well have the same communities also come together to clean up all the mess and damage. I, for one, am so proud to be a South African. I’m so happy to know that all our members were safe and healthy. In the same breath however, it seems that the trouble may not be over so we all need to remain vigilant.

To move on to happy news
Our getaway at Natalia over the 02-04 July was an excellent weekend away. Once again a few of us arrived a day or 2 early and in the end we had 13 happy campers – a drop from our expected 18 due to various reasons. We parked in the lower section as I didn’t want to split the club – especially with the communal braai. Just as well, as the upper section was full of holiday campers.

Is has been a few years since I’ve camped at Natalia and a first time for Freewheelers and I was extremely impressed with the huge improvements. Most sites have a paved tent section, the grass is neat and tidy, ablutions spotless.
The pool area is perfect for kids – young and old. A heated pool, supertube, about 15 covered braais, paved basketball court, free putt-putt, trampolines etc etc, An easy secure walk to the (guarded) beach.
There is also a nice tuck-shop as well as a restaurant – sadly both closed at present due to covid lockdowns.—we were hoping for Tipo Tinto rum and raspberry around the pool like at Drakensville !!

Of the 13 families, we welcomed new members, Rodney and Shannon Erasmus and their 2 kids – Brendan and Morgan. Another new family was Alex and Jeanette Groenewald and their 2.
Both introduced by Ronald and Debbie.

A very warm welcome to the Erasmus’s and Groenewalds’. We wish you many wonderful weekends away with Freewheelers.

The weather was perfect, we could even swim, enjoy the beach, play putt-putt etc
As usual, it was a laid back and chill out weekend with a few braais going on the sat evening.

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